The voting for the 2022 Municipal election is over. Not one of the 2018 Council members was reelected.

The new term of office commences Tuesday, November 15th. The deadline for the newly elected Council to hold its first meeting is Friday, December 16th.

The Wilmot Township Council for 2022 – 26 will be:

  • Mayor: Natasha Salonen

  • Ward 1: Stewart Cressman

  • Ward 2: Kris Wilkinson

  • Ward 3: Harvir Sidhu

  • Ward 4: Lillianne Dunstall

  • Ward 4: Steven Martin

The contents of this section of the website, “2022 ELECTIONS” is based on publicly available data:

  • nomination forms from the Township Clerk’s office,
  • candidates’ audited financial reports after an election,
  • land titles/deeds/mortgage summaries from Service Ontario Land Registry Office,
  • Ontario Business Registry,
  • Google maps & Google earth G.P.S. data,
  • the Jesuit Relations – written and oral sources,
  • Wyandotte Nation by Abler,
  • The Historical Atlas of Native Americans by Dr. Ian Barnes
  • facebook, twitter,
  • candidates’ websites, and
  • formal logical analysis, etc.

If there is any data which can be proven inaccurate, not just subject to a difference of opinion or interpretation, then you are invited to contact the webmaster at If documented evidence can be provided, then the webmaster will make any appropriate corrections. The data is as factually accurate as the webmaster’s human capacities permit.

I have been advised by credible persons whom I trust, that publishing some of this information may prove to be risky. Therefore I have taken precautions.

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2022 Financial Reports > Donors

Candidates’ Editorial Conclusions

Editorial Conclusions

This is where the important information for voters can be found. Click on the button above, to take you to a page where you can click-select candidates’ names to discover the non-transparent, non-forthright information about some candidates. The premise in this analysis was to “follow the money”.

Click on each name to discover the important stuff, the documented facts that have not always been forthrightly, transparently presented by the candidates.

Prime Ministers Path

P.M.P. - Follow the Money $$$$$$

This just arrived on October 14th, 2022.

Click above to discover how much $ the Township has spent on the P.M.P. since the statue of Sir John A. was vandalized with paint.

Folks With Influence

[Stick to the Knitting – in Wilmot]

Candidates’ Questionnaire Responses

Responses to Questionnaire

I invited all 15 candidates to participate in democracy by sharing their positions on current issues of concern in Wilmot Township. If after you click on the button above, you see names that are not underlined, and thus clickable, then that candidate chose not to respond to this citizen. They had until Sept. 27th (about 4 weeks) to respond. I would suggest that these answers are as effective or more so, than any of the in-person candidates’ meetings for providing information about candidates’ positions.

Analysis of Candidates’ Nomination Forms

Analysis of Nomination Forms

Click on the button above to take you to a page where you can select candidates and you can decide whether candidates nominated each other and are likely coordinating their efforts to get elected as a group, and where they are being sponsored by wealthy/influential people.

Who signed each candidate’s nomination form?

Candidates - Nomination Forms

This is the data that the webmaster started with. When you click on the button above, and then click on a name listed, you will go to a chart with all the nominators’/sponsors’ names, addresses, postal codes, and the ward # in which they live. This is the publicly available raw data used in the analyses in the sections above. The webmaster spent 5 hrs and 10 mins. at the Wilmot Township office reception desk copying all the data from the forms. Did I mention it’s “public data” available to anyone who lives in the township and asks?

Nomination Forms’ Alliances: who nominated whom, in diagram format.

The webmaster knew that Wilmot Council consisted of 6 members and had heard from many people that the 2018-2022 Council had a coalition of 3 core members that these 3 were dominating the agenda with ‘special interest’ items that were the responsibility of the provincial government in Toronto, or the federal government in Ottawa. He had heard that special interest associations with councillors resulted in motions, sometimes written by special interest groups being presented to Council. This occurs not only in Wilmot. The webmaster took it as a challenge to prove or disprove the perceptions, and then share his discoveries, for the “public good”.

Motions were being introduced that led to the professional staff having to use time and mailing resources to communicate with provincial and federal ministers, and every Municipality in Ontario (444 of them) spreading their ideology-driven, motioned agenda items.

The webmaster took it as a challenge to either confirm or disprove the perceptions held in common by a very large number of people. The webmaster considered the possibility that he had not yet talked to a diverse enough group of citizens to disprove the anecdotal perceptions.

The strategy used to analyze these perceptions was to discover which candidates were in fact in alliances of mutual support and the source was each candidate’s nomination forms for 2022. (See sections ‘Who signed…’ and ‘Analysis of…’)

The next source was the audited financial report submitted by each candidate after the 2018 election to discover where their financial support was coming from. (See the ‘Analysis of…’ forms)

When the webmaster detected nomination and financial support from wealthy and influential developers, this led to an analysis of Ontario Land Registry documents to see who had financial connections to whom. (See Editorial Conclusions.)

The data and its analysis confirmed the perceptions. There was and is a coalition of like-minded candidates running again (one again after losing a run for Mayor in 2018). There is an ‘extraordinary’ influence on several ‘linked’ candidates by wealthy developers who are acting legally in their business interests. The proof is here for you to read. These findings and my publishing of them have led to the precautions I have taken as described in the big yellow button above.

(Remember what King David did to the messenger?)