Seeing through the ‘Tricksters of Ceremony’ at Ottawa protest [KW Record]
  • Algonquin community’s response to actions by a few truckers who held Ottawa hostage. “My community (Kitigan Zibi), the sister community (Pikwakanagan) and the Algonquin Nation Tribal Council issued a statement about how unwelcome the convoy was on our unceded territory, how the events taking place regarding cultural practices were inappropriate and how cultural, traditional protocols were not being observed.
  • “The Algonquin Nation did not give consent to these ceremonial practices and could cause more harm to who we are as First Nations/Algonquin peoples. First Nations and Non-Indigenous people should always remember protocol and that permission from us is needed to proceed.”
  • “Ceremonies aren’t these random, social events that are put on display by race-shifters at events that are organized and led by white supremacists and privileged people. There is so much wrong with that scenario. There are none of our own communities supporting or doing these ceremonies, as they know the damage and the inherent immoral acts taking place. Again, we have protocols and understandings that inform ceremonies. Again, if someone doesn’t know these details, they should not be conducting.”
  • “I will never change the perception or the personal beliefs of these tricksters and the harm they are causing. Instead, I aim to educate those who are watching the performative and tokenistic piece.”
New Hamburg Remembrance Day – 2021
  • “November 11th is recognized around the world as a day when citizens give thanks to, and show their appreciation for, the service and sacrifice of veterans of all backgrounds, without any focus on one specific sub-group.”
  • A local “trickster” manipulated the Ceremony toward its need for attention.
  • “One Legion member, with a personal agenda, asked the local Legion Branch that an Indigenous veteran who lived outside the Township be invited to participate in the New Hamburg ceremony.”
  • “The local Legion indicated that the Indigenous veteran was welcome to place a wreath at the cenotaph, in sequence, with all others placing wreaths, but that no other ceremonial actions including a drum beating, singing or chanting were to occur during the ceremony. The veteran could conduct his drum ceremony at the site AFTER the formal Legion ceremony was completed. This would provide an opportunity for this particular issue to be presented to the public – appropriately, and in a context of ALL veterans having been recognized equally.”
  • The myopic Legion member refused to recognize the protocols of the local Legion, and ironically of the Indigenous Peoples themselves. (“Again, we have protocols and understandings that inform ceremonies. Again, if someone doesn’t know these details, they should not be conducting.”)
  • The person elevated the request to perform, to escalating levels of authority, and ignored the consistent response given to it by each of the following: New Hamburg Legion > Dominion Legion in Ottawa > Governor-General > Government Ministries, to comply with local Legion protocols.
  • In spite of a consistent response of “No!”, it unilaterally gave the unknowing Indigenous Veteran from Kitchener “permission” to perform.
  • An honourable veteran who happens to be of Native ancestry, with the best of intentions, has been duped by a myopic ‘trickster’. Any reconciliation of perceptions and attitudes towards ‘others’ is not advanced by deception and manipulation.
  • The Legion was embarrassed and met to consider removing the trickster from membership, but was concerned about “blowback” from the individual who has had a pattern of publically escalating embarrassing responses when told “No”.
  • Such a trickster is unfit to hold any position of responsibility and authority to make decisions for the best interests of others and the ‘public good’. If you can’t get along in the sandbox, you’re unqualified to manage the playground!