2022 – 26 Council

The voting for the 2022 Municipal election is over.

This landing page replaces the ‘old news’ page titled 2022 Elections. The content of that old page was accurate. It presented information in the public interest, with no ill intent and was intended to allow voters in Wilmot to have access to factual information that they might not normally take the effort to investigate.

It was motivated by numerous rumours circulating in the communities of Wilmot in the period between the 2018 and 2022 elections with an interest in separating false rumours from factual events. It was intended to facilitate voters’ ability to discern any gaps between how candidates were presenting themselves and what was reality. Sometimes people present themselves incompletely by providing truthful statements which are incomplete, and thus only partial truths. Partial truths can be misleading or deceiving.

The classic example is the suitor who presents himself as a successful entrepreneur who has just returned from a foreign country after having been involved in several prosperous mining ventures. That is the partial truth. If that were all the prospective bride was to know, then no one would be surprised if she accepted his proposal. However, what if “the rest of the story” was; 1) he was a mining speculator in a developing country, 2) he ‘salted’ worthless mines with imported samples of valuable ore, 3) he made a fortune in ill-gained profits before, 4) he stashed his ill-gotten gains in secret off-shore accounts, 5) he was apprehended, 6) he was sent to jail for 5 years, 7) the monies were never found, 8) he was a bigamist on the lamb from 2 other wives who had left behind in 2 other countries, 9) he arrived with a new version of himself to present. Still a prospective husband? It depends on the opinion of the prospective bride.

Voters during all elections try to select credible, forthright, fulsome, transparent candidates to vote for. I trust the information on the website at that time facilitated that in 2022.

The new term of office commenced Tuesday, November 15th, 2022.

The Wilmot Township Council for 2022 – 26 is:

  • Mayor: Natasha Salonen

  • Ward 1: Stewart Cressman

  • Ward 2: Kris Wilkinson

  • Ward 3: Harvir Sidhu

  • Ward 4: Lillianne Dunstall

  • Ward 4: Steven Martin

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To be continued …